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About Clicker

Clicker makes it easy to conduct polls in the classroom. Tired of counting raised hands? Sign up today!

Sign up

How does Clicker work?

When you sign up, you will receive a personalized link to your Clicker account. Bookmark this link on your phone or tablet. Then, to perform a classroom poll, simply:
  1. Open your Clicker bookmark.
  2. Type in a classroom name.
  3. Ask your students to go to http://clicker.math.ntnu.no and enter your classroom.

Clicker lets you do things your way

You don't need to prepare your questions beforehand – you don't even need to type them in, unless you want to. Ask the questions verbally in class, show them on the projector, or whatever suits your style. Clicker collects the answers, which can be either YES/NO or one of up to 5 alternatives (A/B/C/D/E).

After each question, you and your students will see the results on your screens. And when you end your Clicker session, you'll receive an email with the results for safekeeping.

Questions? Feedback?

Let us know what you think: clicker@math.ntnu.no.

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